v2.0 - Overhaul + Desert


After being a timed Patreon exclusive this update is now public! Hope you all enjoy!

Block Land gets its first major update, adding an entire new biome, a new enemy, an overhaul of a lot of original sprites, and more. My goal with version 2.0 was to add more life to the pack, it felt rather bland in version 2.0, lacking depth, and detail. Depth was added with more background and foreground detail, including background land. Detail was added in a bunch of ways, such as the simple addition of bubles.

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  • New desert biome base tiles.
  • Cactus, and cactus flowers
  • Desert Tree, and grasses, and tumbleweed.
  • More style bricks, and blocks.
  • New rock variations for desert and grassland
  • New grassland details for the land.
  • Background land for both biomes.
  • New clouds
  • New enemy (bird)
  • New spikes that fit the packs visuals better.
  • New background details, many variations.
  • Animated bubbles for more water detail.
  • Vines, for climbing or decoration.
  • Rocks and fossil wall details.
  • Loads of new sign variations (one for each direction).
  • and more.


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