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What a great authentic tileset! Perfect for size limited contests due to tile's dimensions and single color usage.

I've used them in the "Enchanted Dungeon" game for #js13k competition:

Remarkable work, please, keep doing it! 😉

Nice little game. Thanks for the kind words!


thank you so much for this, really good work

Super cool. Looks a bit like Kenney's 1 bit pack.


Go to the comment at the bottom of the page and you will see that it is indeed inspired by it :)

It looks pretty good. Better than I could do lol


this is very cool bro

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Hey VeXeD,
Check out the eeeeearly access for my game featuring your artwork.

hook me up with that feedback, if possible.


Love your art!
I used it for a Game Jam, keep up the great stuff!


Hey I really enjoyed these assets, made a game using them.



Scrolled through about 50 assets, all “that’s neat, if I cared to use them.” But this, it’s so colorful and fun that regardless of what I thought I wanted to do in the first place, I know I want to make a game with these! Thanks for making a free asset pack. I’ll make a free game. :)


Thanks for the kind words. Please share your game here when you release it, nothing more satisfying than seeing my assets getting used.

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This looks really good! Can I ask what color palette you are using for this

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Just a custom palette I made (as far as I remember).

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darn for real? all this for FREE? youre a god dude thank you if i make money with a game that has one of your assets packs ill sure donate you.
also i read that i can modify tiles to make my own. can i share it if i do it? (i should say that mostly it will be dungeon tiles i think, im asking since u made a paid one and u probably dont want some random dude taking your chances of winning money.)


Yes, you can modify the tiles for a game. The license is CC0 so you can read all the stipulations with a quick web search.

Donations are always greatly appreciated, and encourage me to add more to the asset pack. That said this asset pack is 100% free for you and anyone to enjoy.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you are enjoying my assets!

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I used some of your assets (and some of my own)  to create a game.

Try it now!

Purple Fortress


Wow! These are great! I hope you keep at it.


Much more to come, keep in touch.


I'd like to see you take Kenney's 8x8 Micro Roguelike pack and add more tiles to it (same size, 8x8.) I like the pack but it only has 100 tiles, it needs more tile variety!

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I will consider doing this. Sometimes I need a break from larger projects, and expanding the Micro Rogulike pack might be a great filler.


When you work on a small scale like this things will look similar, but good job.  

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Not a single piece of this is a direct rip from anything Kenney has made. It is a reimagining of Kenney's 1-bit tiles at a smaller scale, with unique tiles, and a more retro feel.

You could even consider it fan art, hardly an offense if you ask me.

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My assets are public domain so people are allowed to copy it, create new tiles, use it as inspiration - that's all very okay and I'm okay with it!