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Great asset, love the palette!

Hey!. Just purchased this as well as the base pack. Can you clarify what is the license for these assets?

"These assets can be used in commercial projects, and edited. Credit is appreciated."

Does this mean you could use assets royalty free? I presume on a game that is fine..but also presume you do not want folks to be taking your assets and making a copycat asset pack...would be a good idea if you were to add some clarifications to what is acceptable/not acceptable use.

I'll clarify this shortly and notify you when I do so, thanks for reaching out!


I love your pixel style. 

Thanks so much!


This looks awesome now I'll have to develop a game before the end of October with it!

Sounds fantastic! If you manage to get it done in time please share it here!


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oh my gosh, This is so awesome! What a surprise! Been hoping for an update to the original for awhile. 


Glad you like it! This is just one of many expansions I have planned, cheers!


So glad you have more planned. These are great!


Thanks so much!