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I’m really liking this one, and started using it in a little (Halloween? Maybe.) roguelike!

It would be nice to have monster animations, even just 2-frame bopping, tho. And the Mimic doesn’t look much like the chest, which is kinda weird?

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I am planning a potential expansion for this pack in the future, I'll put monster/hero animations on the todo list.

As for the mimic, all entities (items, monsters, heroes) are done in a slightly different style, using 5 colors, rather than 4. I figured one way the mimic would work is sometimes a chest when opening would transform into the mimic entity.



very cool ;)

Hey, thanks for the great palettes. Might make some Lospec previews with some of the assets I have been making.


hell yea! i love seeing others do art with my stuff so feel free dude :)