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I think this is very cool.  Love it!


Nice Work! I love the colors.

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Thought you might like to see it in action!


Hello! Love this tile set and have started making a little dungeon crawler with it. However, it looks like the walls are missing a 4-neighbor piece, where it connects walls on all sides. There're two pieces that are 2-neighbor east/west, but no 4-neighbor north/south/east/west.

Also, would definitely look forward to an expansion! Cave walls to go with the stone walls would be a nice addition, as well as some more interior decorations (bed, fireplace, standing torch lamps). Some outdoor features would be cool, too, though right now I'm personally just focusing on in-dungeon. I absolutely love the reduced palette, would be cool to also have a pure-gray version of the assets.

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Hey, glad you are enjoying the assets.

I'm currently working on the expansion, with no scheduled release date. I'll be including the 4 direction connectors for walls, animations for monsters, and some extra items.

As for the other things, I'll will be putting some of them on the todo list for the expansion after this one.

Thanks fot the feedback, Cheers!

Edit: Oh, also the expansion I'm working on will include a new monster.

Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

I’m really liking this one, and started using it in a little (Halloween? Maybe.) roguelike!

It would be nice to have monster animations, even just 2-frame bopping, tho. And the Mimic doesn’t look much like the chest, which is kinda weird?

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I am planning a potential expansion for this pack in the future, I'll put monster/hero animations on the todo list.

As for the mimic, all entities (items, monsters, heroes) are done in a slightly different style, using 5 colors, rather than 4. I figured one way the mimic would work is sometimes a chest when opening would transform into the mimic entity.



very cool ;)


Hey, thanks for the great palettes. Might make some Lospec previews with some of the assets I have been making.


hell yea! i love seeing others do art with my stuff so feel free dude :)