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Beautiful! A perfect font for the title screen of my game, Asteroid Drift -- should be published on my Itch page in the next couple weeks if you want to see it in action :)

I'll keep an eye out for the release! Glad you like the font, cheers!

Hey there, I bought this font pack, and I have a request. So for me the lettering in the regular font are spaced too close, and monospaced the lettering is quite spread apart. Can I ask for an inbetween version? I've made an image to explain:

(Also in that image I provided a possible error in the Monospaced font, with the letter "M")


Thanks for catching that error with "M" I will get a fix for that out shortly.
I will also make a medium spaced version, and publish it here, thanks for the feedback.
It will be a few days before I can work on this.


Thanks for the reply! I'll check back here occasionally for the update.

Bug fixes and new .ttf with medium letter spacing added.
Checkout the post.


Thank you! Much appreciated!

Hi Vexed purchased the 500 follower bundle because i had used some of your free stuff before and wanted to support you , but this font wasn't in bundle at the time and does not appear on my purchase page now just a heads up :D

Thanks for the question.

Yeah, the font just got released today, and added to the bundle today.
I don't think it is supposed to appear on the bundle if it is added post purchase (since the bundle price changed with this new font).

Hope this clears any confusion up.