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Amazing work! Great presentation! I love tiny sprites <3

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Thanks, means a lot! Plenty more in the works for this asset series. In fact I'm going to be updating this base pack soon! Cheers!


Just bought this pack and, my god, it is so great!

Thank you so much for sharing it!

Thank you for enjoying! Cheers!


I'm buying this, and I'm going to make cute stuff with it ;)

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Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing some of it. Cheers!


i wouldn't dare to release 1.3 until dealt with the alpha channel of the interactive things...

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I don't think you really understand this pack, nor have you even looked at the dev logs.

This design is very intentional, and very much an optional part of the pack.


Really nice art style! I’ll keep an eye out for updates.


Thanks, many updates are planned. Cheers!


Hi! These are great looking tiles! Any plans for interiors (houses, caves/dungeons) ?


Yes, I intend for many expansions of this pack, all of the things you listed are planned for the future in the Mini Medieval series. Cheers!


Interactables having an all-black background is such a good idea. Beautiful work :)


Thanks so much, I'm always trying to experiment with interesting pixel concepts for unique, and visually clear pixel art. Glad I got this one right.



This style is great.

Thank you!


Very readable for 8x8, nice.

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Thank you, that was a major goal with this pack. Lots of variety while still readable.

Wow, good asset)

Looks great! Good job.