Multiple bug fixes


This update for Tomorrow Night includes a large amount of bug fixes as well as a few changes to the itch page.

It also probably includes a few fixes I don't recall, so they won't be listed.


  • Lowercase "u" with accents now aligned correctly.
  • "å" no longer has a broken accent.
  • Special characters "⅔¾⅓⅗⅜³" now have consistent styling.
  • Corrected the positioning of the following symbols: "┌└"
  • New line spacing now increased to prevent any overlap from happening.
  • Move these letters to the left 1 pixel for consistency: "l", "t", and "i" with accents.


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Tomorrow_Night.ttf 51 kB
Jul 23, 2020
Tomorrow_Night_Cutout.ttf 51 kB
Jul 23, 2020
Tomorrow_Night_Monospaced.ttf 51 kB
Jul 23, 2020
Tomorrow_Night_Nospace_Cutout.ttf 51 kB
Jul 23, 2020

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