Scrapped tiles & fixes


I originally cut a few tiles out that I wasn't sure needed to be included, but they have now been added for completions sake. This includes the following tiles.

  • Tattered flags (could be used in a worn down town, or to show the fall of an empire)
  • More grave types
  • Dead trees (for desert, but works in grassland as well)

Bug Fixes:

Some tiles were missing from sub sprite sheets, and some were not aligned to the 10x10 grid. They should all be included and aligned now.


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Apr 13, 2020

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Amazing job

Thanks, glad you like it.

great, I was struggling with graphics on my ultima like game, and by looking at your 1b10x10 tileset, I figured out that I need to go with "low-fi" small sprites art direction instead. thx. btw, I think you should include a demo scene in your pack, one much like the png on the header banner. 

An Ultima style game is a fantastic use for tile styled like these.

When you say include a demo scene do you mean like a demo image? If so, I fully agree, not sure why I haven't been doing that with all of my asset packs.

"a demo image" : exactly, It will help everyone to figure out how tiles fit together.