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It's very nice but it's a bit hard to extract every icon in proper sprite sheet (even with Texture Packer). Could you specify size for each type of keys ? 16*16 for single key but for ESC or SPACE what are they ? thx.


All basic key characters fit into 16x16 tiles. No key character has a height greater than 16. Special characters like ALT, or ENTER,  are 32px and 48px wide respectively (I am talking about tile size).

I'll plan on doing a split of all icons at some point in the future.


I think you should regroup sprites by distinct size. That would help cut.

Another thing that could help is to make sure each sprite in the sheet is separated by some transparent pixels. This would allow a program to easily split by connected regions to find all the sprites.

Hmmm, that just might be the solution. I'm going to be doing a lot of cleanup this year, I'll see what I can do to make this a little easier for everyone to use. Not scheduled time for that to happen though, just watch for updates.


very good! :

Thank you, I deleted a few of your messages above, please edit your comment to include other messages. Cheers.


this looks really good

Thank you, glad you like it.