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Leaving a comment to let y’all know I just got a dm on discord from my friend’s account that I believe got hacked posing as a developer of your game that sent me a link to download your game from a blog site I’ve never seen before. I figured you would likely want to know! Game looks great though, keep up the good work!

Yeah, this has been a known issue, nothing I can solve. It is someone who took my assets and has been trying to give people a virus. You can scroll down in the comments and see others talking about this happening.

Thanks for reaching out, sorry about the stupid scammers.


i bought this assets and are incredible, just amazing assets and well designed. thanks

Thanks so much, hopefully going to be adding more too it in the future!

I downloaded the free tile that you bring in your page that is completely free till there is all good. but when you’re gonna cut the image in unity 16x16 don’t cut properly when gonna use the tile map in unity. I want to know if the map that you selling like that copy of Mario if properly cut? Because I want to buy that. Thanks.

I'm going to need some clarification on this, what free tileset are you talking about? I'm not 100% sure what you are talking about when it comes to the packs characters either.

If you can share some screenshots that might help, thanks!

I am using these assets as a test for an upcoming game that I want to make and when I use the unity tilemap and when I go to click on it it doesn't click correctly. Let me explain in Unity when you export some assets and you are going to cut it, one says when you click on the image the dimensions appear, if you want multiple and other things. Well, what I do is I hit the sprite editor and I edit it. But some trees don't sting or things like the environment or leaves don't sting properly. So when I go to paint it, it doesn't paint it well, painting means that I am going to design the level that I want. If you look carefully at the image you will see in the boxes that there are things that should not be there. The image of the short always in 16 × 16 

If you look at this example it is done correctly. That's why I ask you, are the Mario copy beams very well made? because I would be interested in buying them


Well for the pack that it isn' t work with, that is "Paper Pixels" and it isn't using a 16x16 tile sizing. It uses 8x8 tiles. The "pixels per unit" setting is set to 16, just change that to 8 for "Paper Pixels". That should fix your problem.

I don't use unity so if "pixels per unit" setting doesn't fix it then you will have to do some searching for how to change the tile sizing.

Cartoon Classic uses 16x16 tiles, so it should work with the default.

Hope that helped.


thanks brooooo

can you create asset for a level select for this graphics? because the platform looks very good. Thank you so much.

I likely will be doing this in the future! I have been adding to a lot of my packs recently and a level select for this pack has been on my mind. I don't have a date for it scheduled, but at some point I will be making one.


Thank you for the wonderful asset pack!

I would like to inform you that I used this asset pack to create a Super Mario-style sample game for Python programming teaching materials.

Eh I purchased this about a year ago and finally designed a small rage style game with some of the assets!  Can I post the game on Google Play of course crediting you as the original designer?  I didn't see anywhere stating use cases don't worry it's not the game shown below lol I'll share the alpha if you want to contact me privately.

Take care!

Heck yeah. Post away. Thanks for using my assets, cheers!
Note: drop a link here if you want to share it with others.


Awesome thank you!  I credited you in the description just released the game in Alpha today I'll share once it's available! :D

EH IT'S RELEASED!  It is currently only on Android but I'm able to port it to iOS as I used libGDX as the back end!  Let me know what you think!

looks like that scams still up look like someones using your game to install keyloggers on unsuspecting people

Cartoon Classic (

Yeah, I'm really not sure what to do about this.


Have a look at this scam:

he is kind of "stealing" ur game to scam other people on discord. i already reported this website to blogspot but they did nothing against it. maybe you have more of an "influence"?

Thank you for letting me know. PLEASE no one download this. If you want to help me get it blocked please report it. Thanks!

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Bought it and I'm very statisfied.

Thank you for your work. :-)

Glad you like it, cheers!


Hello, what a beautiful job! I would like to inform you that I developed a game with this asset pack:


Great work, love to see it!

Good evening, I bought the pack these days, do the blocks with question marks have animations?

Doesn't seem like it currently has these animations. I'll add them in a future expansion :)

Hello, this pack is included in your patreon ?

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Yep, at the correct tier (Ascended) you can claim it and any other one of my packs at the same price (per month). You also get a lot of free fonts, and other free assets. Cheers!


I purchased this while at work, I can't wait to show you the first level via Android using my custom game engine!  Can't wait to see more!

Thanks so much! Excited to see the project, feel free to share it as you progress.


Hey Vexed,

I'm creating a platformer with your asset pack, but I'm having trouble connecting a grass black to a side dirt block. If I don't, it looks weird. What do I do?


I'll add an update for you so you can use corners as shown in the image.
The pack wasn't originally intended to be used like this, but it is probably a good idea to include extra features.

I'll let you know once I get this update out, cheers.

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Added some dirt corners. Get v1.2 and go to the Ground-and-Ceiling file (bottom right). Also added some other ends (look next to grass, snow, and sand).


Thank you so much!


Just bought your bundle, sorry I couldn't afford more. You definitely deserve patreons.


Thank you so much for any support, I appreciate it all. Patreon has been slow and steady, I'll keep working at it.