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Hey Vexed,

I'm creating a platformer with your asset pack, but I'm having trouble connecting a grass black to a side dirt block. If I don't, it looks weird. What do I do?


I'll add an update for you so you can use corners as shown in the image.
The pack wasn't originally intended to be used like this, but it is probably a good idea to include extra features.

I'll let you know once I get this update out, cheers.

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Added some dirt corners. Get v1.2 and go to the Ground-and-Ceiling file (bottom right). Also added some other ends (look next to grass, snow, and sand).


Thank you so much!


Just bought your bundle, sorry I couldn't afford more. You definitely deserve patreons.


Thank you so much for any support, I appreciate it all. Patreon has been slow and steady, I'll keep working at it.