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First asset pack I've purchased and I love it! good job.

Hey, thanks for the purchase, hope you enjoy the pack!



Hi there. Can you please explain how you've made a waterfall animation like on the first screenshot?

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Hello, sorry for the late reply.

Download the, extract the files then open up the water tileset.

This is the water flowing down animation in 6 tiles.

Loop from the top left, down, then loop from the top right down. This gives the effect of the water flowing. You can do the same with any similar tiles. They are all 6 animation frames total.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, I got it. Thanks!

Hey! I've just purchased this asset pack (it's awesome though!), but there is one thing that is missing here, I guess. None of the characters or enemies have a death animation, so that's the only thing that I miss here. Overall this asset pack is a gem! Great job!

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Ah, I didn't even think to add one. I'll put this in the todo list for future releases.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the pack. Cheers.

Can i alter the graphics?

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If you have purchased the assets you can alter them and use them however you like.

To learn more of the license of these assets search "Creative Commons 4 Attributive".


What images am I supposed to use for the walk animation? Can't quite figure it out. I think I messaged the correct account on reddit about it?

Hey, thanks for the question.

If you download the "Documented" sprite sheet you can find the walk frames referenced in the "Heroes.png".
I didn't get a message on Reddit, my handle is _V3X3D_.

Hope this helps clear things up.

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Oops, let me rephrase my question. What frames make up the walk animation? Already have all of the sprite sheets spliced, imported, and ready to go.

I just sent you a message on Reddit.

Many thanks!

Alright, sent a reply.

Am I allowed to copy the main default looking character for my game? It will probably not be a big game but I will just use that one asset and copy it in aseprite. Can I use it?

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If you have purchased the assets then you can use them for anything you like. They are CC4 Attributive, please read about the license.

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Am I doing something wrong or is it the way the tileset is setup?

Correct me if I'm wrong but from the looks of it there's two sets of 'wall' tiles: one for walls below and one for walls above?

If so I guess I'll have to change the tileset or the way I use it as using the same walls means things like the chains don't line up correctly. 

Great tileset though!

Hey, thanks for the question.

I do have two different ground tile types that are the same ground pattern just shifted up or down 1 pixel. This was the only way for me to get this awesome ground pattern to work for everything.

As for solutions to your problem, you can change the tileset like you said, or just adjust the chain position in your game engine, etc.

Thanks, I hope you continue to enjoy the tileset.


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No worries! I'm a little new to working with tilesets and game dev in general so was just making sure I wasn't being silly!

Keep up the great work!


Looks awesome!! 👍


This is great. I've been working with the Retro Lines pack which I visually prefer, but this pack looks to have a lot more tiles to work with.

Anyhow I love your work. 

Good news, Retro Lines will be getting an expansion in February.