V 2.0 - Animations Expansion


Demonic Dungeon 2.0 is no longer a patreon supporter exclusive, but can now be enjoyed by everyone!

This Demonic Dungeon 2.0 expansion features a host of both small and large improvements. Most notable would be the fact that monsters and heroes now have 3 frame animations, and a new monster was added.

Also included in this update is, new items, some missing tiles were added allowing more complex dungeon designs, and a few other small updates.


  • Heros: 3 frame animations for all weapon types
  • Monsters: 1 New monster (insect swarm)
  • Monsters: all have 3 frames of animation
  • Items: mushroom and 2 jewel types.
  • Other: new wall tile for more dynamic room connections
  • Other: small visual fixes and other misc additions


Demonic-Dungeon-v-2.0.zip 96 kB
Jul 28, 2022
Demonic-Dungeon-Documented-v-2.0.zip 32 kB
Jul 28, 2022
Demonic-Dungeon-Examples-v-2.0.zip 70 kB
Jul 28, 2022

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