V 3.0 - Cave Expansion (timed patreon exclusive)


Demonic Dungeon 3.0 (Cave Expansion) is a large update that provides a new cave environment for you to build enthralling roguelike environments with. Also included in this expansion are 2 new enemies, as well as a host of new and useful decorations.

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  • Monsters: 2 New monster (Golem, and Spider)
  • Monsters: Golem and Spider have 2 color palettes and animations
  • Cave: 2 palette variations, walls, many floor types, new spike styles, doors
  • Decorations: rocks, stagmites, webs, torch, crystals, mushrooms, vase, barrel, etc
  • Decorations: pit, ladder, bridges, water, and lava
  • Map: New icons for each new tile type
  • Changes: doors were made more uniform

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