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Micro Venture is a compact 4x4 Top-Down (RPG or Action Adventure) asset pack that packs a lot of detail into just a few pixels. This pack includes: dungeons, caves, biomes, effects, items, monsters, heroes, and more.

Also, included with Micro Venture are documented sprite sheets. The documented sprite sheets list recommended uses of tiles and sprites.

These assets can be used in commercial projects, and edited.
Credit is appreciated.


  • Hero: 5 pallet variations
  • Monsters: 4 types each with 5+ pallet variations
  • Traps: spikes, pits, ice, lava, etc
  • Biomes: desert, grassland, forest, ocean, cave, etc
  • Buildings: homes, castles, fences, dungeons, etc
  • Natural: tress, grass, flowers, vines, etc
  • Civilized: chairs, beds, tables, shelves, graves, flags, etc
  • Farm: tilled soil wet/dry, sprouts, basic crops, etc
  • Other: Chests, ladders, boxes, blocks, rocks, etc
  • Animations: hero, monsters, torch, fire, etc
  • Many more various tiles and sprites


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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Micro-Venture-4x4-v-1.1.zip 27 kB
Micro-Venture-Documented-v-1.1.zip 35 kB
Micro-Venture-Examples-v-1.1.zip 12 kB

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Hello! Is this pack meant to be accessible for Patreon supporters?

Thanks for the question.
Yes, Patreon supporters of "The Integrated" tier can claim a pack at or below the tier price -- one each month.
Patreon supporters of "The Ascended" can claim one at Ascended's price, and one at Integrated's price -- two each month.

Message me on Patreon for the pack you would like to claim.

Ah I understand! Thanks for explaining, I hadn’t read the tier descriptions on patreon in detail. I think my small contribution works as thanks for the free asset packs and I can always buy a pack on itch!

Of course, thanks for the support!