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Perspective is a massive 8x8 RPG Asset pack with well over 3000 total tiles. This pack has all of the RPG basics: monsters, heroes, buildings, interactables, multiple biomes, decorations, and much more.

RPGMaker VXAce and MV are supported, but may not be perfect. Some adjustments might be required, please notify me of any issues.

Included with Perspective are documented sprite sheets with recommended uses of tiles and sprites.

These assets can be used in commercial projects, and edited.
Credit is appreciated.


  • 16 Hero types, (80 with variations)
  • Hero portraits (44 total)
  • Well over 3000+ tiles
  • Buildings: tents, shops, fences, towers, castles, homes, etc.
  • Landscape: cliffs, waterfalls (animated), pits, ledges, etc.
  • Natural: trees, rocks, plants, logs, shrubs, stumps, etc
  • Civilized: pots, chests, signs, crates, graves, banners, etc
  • Unique biomes (5 total)
  • Multiple biome variations for each biome
  • 20 Unique creatures (70 with variations)
  • Other: bridges, crops, boats, stairs, ladders, furniture, etc
  • Many more tiles and variations
  • Basic RPG Maker MV and VXAce support


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Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Perspective-v-1.0.zip 113 kB
Perspective-MV-and-VXAce-v-1.0.zip 723 kB
Perspective-Documented-v-1.0.zip 128 kB
Perspective-Examples.zip 19 kB


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hey, is there any chance to pay your stuff with paypal? i wanna buy your winter sale bundle :) but i don't have a card... cheers

Sorry, I currently don't have PayPal support. I'll look into getting it though, no promises.

PayPal is now a payment option.