04/11/23 (v3.0) Underwater, and Winter Environment


After many months, I'm back with another Retro Lines update. This new versions (v3.0) is a massive revamp of the v1.0 and v2.0 versions. In v3.0 I have not only added an entire new environment (underwater), but also revamped old environments, added new enemies, reorganized tilesheets, and more!


  • 3 new animated enemies: fish, snowman, icicle
  • 1 new player animation: swimming
  • 1 new environment: underwater
  • 1 overhauled environment: arctic
  • Many new decorations: snow covered trees, new wind color, more generic tree variations, etc.
  • Better tile organization
  • Fixed some missing or out of place pixels


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Retro-Lines-v3.0.zip 99 kB
Nov 04, 2023

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