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Retro Lines is a stylized 16x16 platformer asset pack with hundreds of unique tiles, an animated player, and enemies.


Feel free to use these in commercial projects, and to modify the tiles as you wish. Credit is greatly appreciated.


Want more assets? Consider supporting me for more frequent releases, and larger asset packs.


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Retro-Lines-v-2.0.zip 61 kB

Development log


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Beautiful Art!


Love this asset pack, used it again for a gamejam this week for my Brackeys 2021-2 Game
Ran into the same thing as last time where I wish I had time to add more enemies and use more animal sprites. For this one, I wanted carrots popping out of the ground, scorpions hopping around, and snakes raining from the sky but ran out of time.
Still decently happy with where the project ended up though, thanks again for this asset pack.


Hey I love your art style! This is one of the most unique tileset I have ever seen.

I recently released a small co-op platform game for a college project, and your art couldn't fit better.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the game. Anyway, you can play it here: Tinkies

Keep up with the great work!



Thank you!

Loved this tileset, used it for my GMTK game jam, Gancho Bond.


Such a original retro Asset pack.I used it for my Spring  2D game jam game.

A bird that hates trees


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Great Asset pack! I really love  it! Gonna use it with credit! :D

Thank you, enjoy the pack.

wow this is really cool i was wondering if i could use it in my android game im working 

Yep, they are CC0 licensed assets meaning you can use them for whatever you like. Credit is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the assets.

thanks i would show the demo of my game but im currently updating my website for the game

Amazing. Love the style.

Great asset pack! We used this in our falling game jam game, Pitfall Panic - https://quietbenchzen.itch.io/pitfallpanic .

I really liked the enemies, I wish I had time to use more of them; I had plans to also use the snake, scorpion, and mosquito but I decided to spend time on other features.

Thanks for using my assets. Enjoyable little game you made with them.

Thank you for this, i like your style

Thank you for sharing. I saw this after looking at the beautiful Paper Pixels pack. Love the colors in this one.

I wrote an article about Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. In it I included your image, credit to you and a link that redirects back to this page.

If you don't desire to have the image or link included please notify me and I will remove it immediately. 


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hello. I really enjoyed you art. I want to use it on a project. can you add more biomes, other enemies and maybe some itens, like coins and hearts and anything else? would be great! thanks and congrats.

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Hey I really liked this style and I wanted to let you know that I used it in a project. Working with it was quite fun, even though there where one or two restrictions.

I can use commercial project as free? 


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Hi, I use your assets to make a game for TriJam-61. Quite repaint it, but save your shape. https://teamon.itch.io/double-sided

Hey just wanted to let you know I used your sprite sheet for a tutorial video in Unity!

This is such a fun style. I love it!

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Awesome this is cool, I will used this asset for my project :)

If you want share the project when you finish it.

Yes I will, hope I do not forget to do it XD

Really cool style

Thanks, more to come.

I might draw a lot of inspiration from your work. GG.

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I really like the style nice job on this one dude.