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Button Prompt 2 is a GUI pack for showing user inputs: including keyboard, controller, arcade, microphone, and more. All inputs include animations, button, keyboard, joystick, etc.

A companion pack for Button Prompt. New additions: light version of buttons, arcade sticks, Wii controller, Gamecube controller, and more.

These assets can be used in commercial projects, and edited. Credit is appreciated.

Not all included inputs and variations are shown in the preview images.


  • Full keyboard: A-Z, 0-9, all special keys, etc
  • Mouse input: left, right, and middle click, scroll up & down, etc
  • Xbox controller: A, B, X, Y buttons; bumper buttons; D-pad; joystick; etc
  • PS4 controller: △, ▢, ╳, ◯ buttons; bumper buttons; D-pad; joystick; etc
  • Switch controllers: A, B, X, Y buttons; ▵, ▿, ◃, ▹ buttons; +, - buttons; joystick; etc
  • Wii (standard, classic, and pro) controllers: A, B, X, Y, a, b buttons; +, -, home, power buttons; bumper buttons; D-pad; joystick; etc
  • Gamecube controller: A, B, X, Y buttons; bumper buttons; D-pad buttons; joystick; C-stick; etc
  • Other: full font, battery icons, microphone input, media icons (pause, play, and so on), etc



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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Button-Prompt-2-v-1.0.zip 157 kB


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bought it. used it in my game. excellent.

This is great, I see arcade sticks included, so I will purchase it. But I miss arcade buttons. Can you please include these? Thank you very much!!

Button Prompt 1 has aracade buttons included. Multiple colors. Hope this helps.


I purchased both assets, thank you! :)

Thank you for the support! Hope you enjoy the assets.


This is perfect, great work!

Thank you.