User Interface (timed patreon exclusive)


Adding a UI to the timed Patron exclusive Paper Pixels expansion.

A winter Paper Pixels exclusive expansion is slated for release as well, no release date exists yet. Stay tuned for more.

Checkout my Patreon to get early access to this and other exclusives, as well as free asset claims.


  • 3 unique UI frames
  • Health, coin, main icons
  • Lives, death, key, ammo (2x) icons
  • Standard symbol set, alpha numeric and some symbols
  • Bold symbol set, alpha numeric and some symbols

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Adore these assets; are your Patreon exclusives available to all your Patreon levels, or just the top tier?

(not that the top tier isn't great value, but I have to control my Patreon budget!)

Top tier only. These are about to go public though, should be out for everyone in the next few days.