20/01/23 (v1.2)


With Version 1.2 of Mini Medieval you get access to a handful of exciting new tiles to bring your game to life. Including new entities, environment assets like a waterfall, and much more.

(In the preview above you see just a few of the new tiles: waterfall, covered barrel, and insect swarm.)


  • Added waterfall for more terrain variations and features.
  • Added missing dirt trail ends, and few other trail variations
  • Added baby bird sprites for all bird entities.
  • Added insect swarms.
  • Added empty well sprite.
  • Added closed tent door.
  • Added covered barrel.
  • Added missing egg sprite, and added new cooked egg sprite.
  • Fixed mine entrance to fit the theme of other doors/entrances.


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Mini-Medieval-v-1.2.zip 54 kB
Jan 20, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Documented-v-1.2.zip 67 kB
Jan 20, 2023

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