12/05/23 (v1.6)


With the release of Mini Medieval's Desert expansion, I came to realize that some of my assets on the base pack still need tweaking to fit with my long term vision for the Mini Medieval series. So in this update (version 1.6) not only are a host of fixes/changes to asset design/layout included, but a host of obvious additions (like new items) were included as well.

Version 1.6 has a lot of changes (as seen below), but I'll highlight a few here. Bird sprites have been reworked to be smaller (this better fits with the scale of other animal sprites). New items were added, such as; various leathers; feathers; large gem stones; and more. Check out the full list of changes below!


  • Added 3 types of leather (item).
  • Added 2 types of feathers (item).
  • Added large gems for each gem type (item).
  • Added raspberries (item).
  • Added large potion for each potion type (item).
  • Added added raspberry bush (environment).
  • Fixed missing blueberry sprite (item).
  • Changed bird sprite to be smaller and more accurate in scale (entities).
  • Fixed missing sprite for roof of houses (environment).
  • Fixed smaller bridge visual to align with fully tileable bridge (environment).
  • Fixed moved ladder sprite from "walls" to "misc" file (environment).
  • Changed arrow sprite to match future arrow variations (item).
  • Fixed spike wooden fence shading (environment).
  • Fixed other tile organizations


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Mini-Medieval-v1.6.zip 63 kB
May 12, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Documented-v1.6.zip 80 kB
May 12, 2023

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This looks so good! Looking forward to making this small MMO with it! 

I went with a sprite outline shader for the interactable tiles. I like having that distinction. Works well with my own artwork in there too. Appreciate you putting the palette in your description. Helps make it more cohesive.

Keep up the good work! I will credit you with your own page in the help.  (If I ever finish the game)

Awesome happy to see these getting used, looking forward to your MMO progressing!

Many more Mini Medieval updates and expansions planned, so lots to use.