23/02/24 (v1.9)


Here is another feature rich Mini Medieval base pack update for you all to enjoy! Mini Medieval v1.9 not only adds a bunch new content, it also brings this pack more inline with various expansions, such as the interior, and arctic expansion (more on that in the "Changes" section). In short this update adds new environmental assets, some updated animal sprites, new units, new items, and more! Checkout the changes listed below to get all the deails.

Additions seen above, large tree entrance, dead tree large, dead tree small, ffence visuals update, etc.


  • Added multiple new itemless unit variations (units).
  • Changed fox sprite to be inline the visual design from the arctic expansion (animals).
  • Added dried variations of all crop items (item).
  • Changed tree stumps to fit the visuals of the arctic expansion (environment).
  • Added leafless/dead tree/bush variation for all tree/bush types (environment).
  • Fixed various design issues with borders/walls (environment).
  • Added banner and flag colors to match all colors from the interior expansion (environment).
  • Added some cliff wall decorations to allow for a bit of visual variety (environment).
  • Added wet seed variations (item).
  • Added some flower color variations for flowers withs stems (environment).
  • Added a few more lilly variations for more water variety (environment).
  • Added door for large tree (environment).
  • Changed large trees top lighting to be more clear (environment).


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