29/09/23 (v1.7)


Hello! Happy to announce the release of version 1.7! This update adds a host of new additions to make your Mini Medieval environments more full of life! Some of the included changes are, new animals (opossum, raccoon, etc), new berry plant types+styles, new fallen log sprites, new decorative overgrown grasses, and much more!

Additions seen above, new tall grass, raw fallen logs, new raspberry plant design, opossum, raccoon, etc


  • Added 3 new animal types, opossum, raccoon, skunk (entities).
  • Added new watermelon crop, with full growth cycle (environment).
  • Added new watermelon item, sliced and unsliced (item).
  • Added harvested flower with multiple color variations (item).
  • Added new golden berry item, could be gooseberry, golden raspberry, etc (item).
  • Added fallen logs (environment).
  • Added new berry bush type for the golden berry (environment).
  • Added new berry stems for all berry types -- a more accurate berry design (environment)
  • Added new grass types (environment).
  • Added new flower type with stems (environment).


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Mini-Medieval-v1.7.zip 67 kB
Sep 29, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Documented-v1.7.zip 83 kB
Sep 29, 2023

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