31/03/23 (v1.4)


As the release date grows closer for Mini Medieval's major expansion packs (Desert, and Ocean Expansion), I'm trying to "finish" the base pack as much as possible.

That brings us to the release of Version 1.4 of Mini Medieval.

This update brings in a host of obvious, such as an alternative type of tree (pines), smaller variations of both tree types, and even saplings. A few little changes were also included to better support the future expansions, like a redesign of stairs, and some deep water decorations. New entities and items were also added, checkout the full list of changes below!


  • Added minecart, and rail for minecart.
  • Added alternative tree (pine).
  • Added small variations of both tree types.
  • Added sapling.
  • Added anvil.
  • Added new water tile.
  • Added butterfly entity (multiple colors).
  • Added bug new item.
  • Added leaf item.
  • Added potion item.
  • Added 5 new seed item types
  • Changed stairs.
  • Fixed folder names saying 16x16 rather than 8x8.
  • Fixed raised ground to be better organized in the sprite sheet.
  • Fixed other tile organizations


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Mini-Medieval-Documented-v1.4.zip 75 kB
Mar 31, 2023
Mini-Medieval-v1.4.zip 60 kB
Mar 31, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Examples-v-1.0.zip 31 kB
Dec 30, 2022

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