21/04/23 (v1.5)


Here it is, version 1.5 of Mini Medieval. This update both adds new content and gets the base pack ready to be compatible with the soon to release expansions. A few of the changes include slightly adjusted tree design and alignment, reworked minecart, minecart variations holding ore, bushes, etc.

Preview above shows the new bushes, new turkey, and the tree changes.

Preview above shows the new minecart, and the variations holding ore.


  • Changed minecart sprite.
  • Added minecart variations with all ore types.
  • Added bushes.
  • Added blueberry bushes.
  • Added cherry tomato plant.
  • Added turkey (entity).
  • Changed fish (entity) to be sized inline with future expansions.
  • Added blue berry (item).
  • Added cherry tomato (item).
  • Changed stairs to be inline with future expansions.
  • Changed tree shading to be inline with future expansions.
  • Changed tree alignment to be inline with future expansions.
  • Changed stump alignment to be inline with future expansions.


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Mini-Medieval-v1.5.zip 62 kB
Apr 21, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Documented-v1.5.zip 78 kB
Apr 21, 2023

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I am a big fan of this set. I'd love to see more biomes. Snow, Desert, Cave, Dungeon, Interior etc

I've be happy to pay for these as additional sets, they don't have to be added to this one directly - although I'd be happy to see more things added to this as well :)


Thanks for the comment! I have an expansion pack coming out next weekend, and still plan to keep updating this base pack as well!

Sounds ideal! :)

Looking forward to seeing the expansion

First expansion is out! Mini Medieval's desert expansion.



Thanks! I've purchased it :)

Hope you enjoy! Many more updates to come.