17/02/23 (v1.3)


Version 1.3 of Mini Medieval adds a handful of useful new assets, including some basics like new path variations, as well as a new fishing unit, and a new farm animal: sheep.

(Preview above shows new cobble pathing, finishing unit, and sheep.)

(Preview above shows all path variations.)


  • Added new unit with fishing rod.
  • Added cobble stone pathing, and brick pathing.
  • Added boarded up windows and doors.
  • Added crate.
  • Added new animal, sheep.
  • Added wool item.
  • Added cannon for ships.
  • Fixed windows on rock/brick not being consistent with windows on wood.
  • Fixed missing feet pixels on one unit.


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Mini-Medieval-v-1.3.zip 56 kB
Feb 17, 2023
Mini-Medieval-Documented-v-1.3.zip 70 kB
Feb 17, 2023

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